Clients Say

Clients provided the following feedback on Diane’s work:

I experienced a unique psychic reading from Diane that was very tangible for me. I was clear in what I wished to manifest and asked for specific advice about what I needed to do. I listened very hard to the directive Diane gave me that she internally received from my spirit guides. One of them appeared in the room- unseen of course, but the energy was there loud and clear. My guide gave Diane strong points of information to relay to me in how to achieve my goal. I was working a trade show in New York City and Diane and my spirit guide had told me how to set up the booth – the colors to use, look to go for, and what to do. I followed that direction without any squirm or fuss. Voila! By the end of the show I had achieved my goal. I was shocked. Quite frankly, it felt like a sort of alchemy or magic. I kid you not.  – M.D.

Dear Diana,
As I look back over the years I’ve worked with you, I’m amazed how far I’ve come. The healings and coaching I received from you have been the keys to the secret chambers of both my wounds and my potential. As you’ve helped me to overcome deep-seated patterns of trauma and fear, I’ve become more stable, more confident. You’ve helped me to see negative patterns clearly, and given me tools to work with my own visionary and intuitive capacities. Our work together has brought me a greater sense of aliveness, connection to myself and to Nature, and faith in Divine inspiration, help, and guidance. You’ve met me in many dark places, and helped me pick myself up with determination to walk through the darkness to the other side.
Working with you has given me the courage to let go of negativity and live my destiny at a higher vibration, with courage. Whenever I contact you to check in or request a reading, I immediately feel my growth process accelerating, like reaching out to you becomes the first step in inviting a partnership with benevolent forces that are always there to support me, lying dormant until I remember to work consciously with them. Many times I’ve found the guidance you provide stays with me for a long time, up to 6 months or even a period of years, and I find myself looking back to realize that the issue I brought to you is either fully resolved, or has moved me to a completely new place in my growth and evolution.
Since beginning to work with you, I have come to recognize myself as a force of the Universe, with the capacity to create change and Beauty. I still have times when I find myself wrestling with challenges or inner demons, but I have a much greater trust that I am in a partnership with life, and no matter what happens, on some level all is well. I really can’t thank you enough.

Thanks so much for the reading. It absolutely makes sense to me and is spot on. I appreciate the guidance and advice I received from you. I needed to hear that to move on! -TN

I am taken aback by how much your reading resonates for me. Not just in this situation, but another one I am facing within the family as well. Thank you SO much for your generosity, time and energy. I am very grateful.- MS

The reading you did for me is spot on, I’m glad I gained clarity and insight. The part where you said I should stop worrying really resonated for me. A big part of what clouded my thoughts was the worrying! Thank you so much! – PL

Women have come up to me and told me that your energy work and tarot readings changed their life! You are amazing! — MJ

This tarot reading is fantastic, I’m truly grateful. It all sounds so familiar and is scarily accurate to how I’m feeling. I wasn’t sure how much faith I had in online readings previously but you’ve certainly convinced me! Keep up the good work I hope we can do this again sometime. –BT

I have called upon Diane to work with me for many reasons, from handling depression, heartbreak, physical ailments to getting clear about the work of my soul.   Diana is possessed of a creative and refined artist’s sensibility; her energy work is intuitive, smart, humble and very clean.   She is a compassionate listener and is able to deftly marshal her years of study and practice to meet the specific challenge, issue or ailment you bring to her.   In particular, Diana’s precision in identifying and working on some of the more physical problems I have brought to her has been quite remarkable, whether she is working with me in person or long-distance.  I have found working with her to be instructive, and I have full trust in her capabilities.  More importantly, working with Diana has given me greater trust in my own capacities:  I listen more closely to my own intuition and have a more fluid understanding of how my soul’s destiny interacts with my body and with the creative mystery of the universe. –CP

I can’t thank you enough for the reading you did for my son. He feels much better after speaking with you, and felt a real connection. We so appreciate your time and energy! — PB

That was the best tarot reading I’ve had in a long time. It gave me the cosmic push I needed to take the next step. — GC

Whoa. The tincture you gave me makes my husband go wild! It’s all good!! — NR

After less than a month of taking the tincture you recommended, my skin has completely cleared up! I’m going to order some more. Thank you! — MS

The love potion you gave me is crazy! I shared it with a friend and she wants some too. I use it every time I have a date. Unbelievable change! — CM

Here’s what happened after our remote session…
My hands and feet tingled during the session.
Since then, I planted 45 flowers I started and felt no worse than usual, meaning that’s a good sign because usually gardening wipes me out. Something I love so much had become an ordeal. So far I’m doing better.
The Jupiter energy brought more clients. The Jupiter energy has been really good.
I tried your tip for my back and I have had less back pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tip!!! Last night I even slept in our bed without pain — usually it wakes me up.
I sure am glad I asked for a session. Thank you!! — A.R.

“You’re my go-to person for Tarot and energy work.” – GB

Regarding your work at the upcoming weekend retreat, stock up on energy bars! I have been telling everyone you are amazing. Because YOU ARE! You will be very busy! — M.J.

Thank you for coming to my party and reading for everyone. People really felt like you connected with them. — N.L.

I wear the talisman you gave me around my neck every day. Thanks for bringing me good Karma… I’m sure that because of it everything has been going perfect for me so far. I have the best team working for me. I have a really good room and a nice office. All the stars have lined up for me on this job so far, and I have you to thank for that! — HM

I was getting ready for surgery to have a kidney stone removed. Diana did some energy work on my kidney with the goal that the procedure would be as least invasive as possible. The procedure went well with a quick recovery, and when I spoke with the Doctor about how it went he said that the stone just popped loose and came out easily. In fact, he used the exact same words that Diana used  after the session when she told me what she did. — PC

After months of a progressively debilitating physical issue, I was fortunate enough to have Diana work her healing magic on me. I was fairly skeptical but didn’t see what harm could come of it. Early into the session Diana was able to determine where the issue was in my body without me saying a word. The only reason that I knew where it was is because I’d had a sonogram. The session with Diana was relaxing and I was hoping I wouldn’t fall asleep – that seemed kind of rude. At one point I felt a sensation, sort of like a warmth, or a pressure, or energy…let’s just say it was all three….come up through my body. It rested in my chest and was slightly uncomfortable, feeling like a weight was resting on my chest.

After it was over I felt no difference. The next day the existing issue became excruciating – the worst it had even been. It became so overwhelming I almost went to the emergency room. However, the following day I was fine. In fact I have been “fine” ever since. The issue has not completely disappeared but I would say it has improved about 90%. It has stopped getting worse and has never again felt as bad as the day after the energy work.

Because of this I have been able to put off a surgical procedure the doctors were insistent I’d need – it has been over a year.  — RD

Concerning your energy work, you helped me so much to be able to sleep through the night and not wake up multiple times.  — HA

After the work you did, the pain and inflammation diminished. At first it got worse but then it got much better. You have real expertise.  –CM

I always feel better after a session .. thank you, Diana,  for the continued relief from pain and anxiety. –EA

After my sessions with Diana, in person or remotely- there is always a shift in my spirit, my mood, and my disposition. I feel as though a wind came along and swooshed bad things out of me. Cleansing the spirit and clearing my body out. I feel unstuck, fluid, and happy. I feel free. This will last for a pretty long time.

Afterwards, I am also in a state of mind where I feel confident and have the ability to do anything- without fear. Like I have my feet solidly on the ground. The whole process is liberating and grounding. –MD

I was trying to get over a really bad break-up, and I was suffering. It felt all consuming. Every day I would think about it and it would pull me down. I did a session with Diana. I don’t know what happened, but I felt better afterwards. It was a dramatic change. The break-up no longer bothered me. It was amazing how much better I felt emotionally, and it lasted. — ND

5 Responses to Clients Say

  1. jenae2012 says:

    I had a phone session with Diana and I was very pleased. She came up with the same information that one very good chiro suspected about what was going on with my back. And she did this intuitively and at a distance !! I felt her working on me and I will be observing myself and the results over the next weeks. I felt the energy move from the crown chakra down to my feet and then after awhile I felt the same tingling energy move back up my body. Different people might have dfferent experiences; what matters is Diana is the real deal :)) She also gave me a prayer to put in my pocket and there is comfort just knowing it is there. All her info was very solid and I can recommend her with total confidence. I am very grateful for her knowledge and her help !!…JN


  2. HaoMN says:

    When Diane first worked on me, I was very skeptical about energy work. I had never heard of it. Now I’m a complete convert! She did a phone appointment with me recently. I could actually feel her presence and where she worked on my body. She told me later where she worked and it matched my experience exactly. The effects are what really impress me. I was feeling rundown, had a lingering headache, and no desire to work on a project I cared about. A few days after my appointment, I have renewed energy and it feels like she somehow lifted the curtains and opened the windows. No more headaches! I’m incredibly excited about this change. I don’t care how she did it or the reasons why it worked. I’m definitely returning the next time I need a life boost.


  3. Cathy says:

    Diane is a gift who comes in the light. Open your soul and your eyes will follow.


  4. Taj says:

    Diane is amazing in what she does. She did a reading for me awhile back. She saw me write protocols and policies. Surprisely, a few months later, I was hired to write policies plus being in charge of a department. This is what I have been waiting for and it has been manifested. I truly found what I love and give thanks for Diane for being a friend and guiding me through my journey!!


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