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6 Signs That Your Pluto Transit is Working for You

In a previous post I shared 10 Signs That You’re Experiencing a Pluto Transit. Pluto is the planet that rules death, rebirth, transformation, and the underworld. It has a slow, eliptical orbit. When it transits or passes over one of the … Continue reading

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Pluto’s Ambassador – Louis CK Live August 2016

  Everyone is living their natal astrological chart, whether or not they’re into astrology or aware of what their natal chart contains. I went to see Louis CK live recently, and I’m fascinated by how he expresses what’s in his … Continue reading

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Mars in Scorpio: Slaying Dragons

Mars in Scorpio has forced us to face our fears and deepest insecurities. What have you learned? The Plutonic journey continues. Continue reading

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