Psychic Readings: Diane connects with spirit guides, Angels, and sometimes deceased loved ones and ancestors to provide helpful, positive, relevant information, insight, and direction so you can move forward with clarity. $65 for 30 minutes

Tarot Card Readings: Tarot readings help you navigate challenges, obstacles, and opportunities that are occurring in your life right now. The Tarot offers insight, clarity, and guidance through the story that appears in its archetypal symbols. Diane’s readings bring spiritual insight down to earth, providing you with practical, useful steps to move forward on your path. To see a sample Tarot reading, go here. $65 for 30 minutes

Lenormand Card Readings: Lenormand Card readings help show the people, places, and events that could impact you in the very near future, offering clarity so that you are prepared for what’s next and can make choices that are in your best interest. To see what some Lenormand cards look like, go here. $65 for 30 minutes

Cosmic and Spiritual Coaching for highly sensitive people/empaths, parents of children who are highly sensitive/empaths, and those who want practical help and tools to deal with psychic or spiritual matters. Cosmic and spiritual coaching sessions provide insight into what you are experiencing on the psychic/energetic/spiritual level, provide tools for how to handle these experiences, and often include dashes of astrology, alternative health, and meditations. $65 for 30 minutes

Energy Healing

All energy healing sessions can be done remotely from a distance. Please read client testimonials to get a sense for how they can help you. You don’t need to know which type of healing sessions would work best for you. Diane can decide what will work best based on discussion of the issues you are experiencing. All energy healing sessions are $100 per session.

Kabbalistic Energy Healing: Working with the tree of life, archetypal forces, and the elements, Kabbalistic healing sessions help to clear your aura and treat specific issues. People often ask “Is this like reiki?” Yes and no. it clears and cleanses your system like Reiki. Reiki is more general – a flow of energy that whooshes through you. Kabbalistic energy is focused specifically, using different energies to treat particular problems and get your energy moving in the right direction.

Angelic Energy Healing: This form of energy healing calls in Archangel energy to work on specific issues you may be experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Shamanic Energy Healing: Shamanic energy healing works on the chakra system and can include soul retrievals, illuminations, and work on your aura in the astral realm.


Coming soon!

All payment must be paid in advance or upon commencement of services. Contact Diane at: atelierducoeur (at)

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