5 Ways to Cultivate Optimism in a Chaotic World


Sunflowers and Lilies


       Action is the antidote to despair.

How often do you wake up feeling pretty good, then come across some piece of news that really bothers you and stays with you all day? Or someone crosses your path – while you’re driving, at the store, or at work, and they cut you off or say something rude or do something negative, and it effects your mood for hours? The cumulative effect of these daily onslaughts can be a feeling of powerlessness and a decrease in hope.

Do you have dreams for yourself or your family? Are you hoping to accomplish something specific in the next few years? Are you searching to find your dream and aspiration? Or do you just feel resigned to inertia?

One of the key ingredients to achieving your goals – from the small ones, like adding a new fitness workout into your week – to the big ones, like writing a book or getting your MBA – is optimism.

Here’s what optimism isn’t – it isn’t certainty that things will happen exactly the way you want them to. It isn’t a guarantee of anything.

Optimism is more open, and internal – it’s confidence about the future. It’s confidence in your ability to handle whatever comes along. But how do we get that confidence, especially when we’re bombarded each day with reasons to feel hopeless and powerless?

We can cultivate optimism. We can take small actions each day to create it. No one can give us confidence, it’s something we have to create ourselves. Optimism is a muscle we can build like any other.

It’s simple – but it takes effort. You can start with one of the 5 ways listed below, then add in another when you feel you’ve got the first one down. You can start with any one of them – but do start with the one that calls to you the loudest.

  1. Influence your dreams with positive images.

The last thing that we think about at night has a big impact on our dreams – and our subconscious, and our subconscious runs the show in our life. Spend the last 15 minutes before you go to sleep thinking about, viewing, or reading something that makes you feel good, happy, or joyful. Actively look for these things if you ‘can’t think of anything.’ Switch the channel from despair/worry to enjoyment.

2.  Take a social media/news break.

Cut off the supply of hopelessness, powerlessness, violence, competition, and drama. Whatever news you need to know about – like a current event – will find its way to you. Don’t worry that you’re missing out on anything – people will tell you. Do this as an experiment for 7 days, and see how you feel. Notice your dreams, thoughts, and feelings, and how much time you have to do other things. What new thoughts or ideas are coming in to fill in the space that all that news and media took up? Inspiration comes in when we make room for it.

 3. Make an appointment with your passion.

Everyone has something that they’re passionate about –a hobby, a budding interest, a pastime. Any positive endeavor that you can be actively involved in like writing, reading, dance, sports, art, research, building something, etc. that makes you lose track of time and energizes you is worth doing. Active participation in anything is how you learn and build confidence. When it’s an activity that feeds your soul but isn’t related to career building or social pressure – all the better. You can learn and grow organically without the burden of having to monetize it. Schedule time in your week for this activity – put it in your calendar. It’s an appointment with you. Get your passion energy into a good flow, and it will radiate out into the rest of your life.

 4. Engage with mystery.

It’s easy to get locked in to believing the versions of reality that we are fed by the media and our culture. Often, those versions are limiting to individuals and serve larger interests. A good way to develop confidence is to start engaging with your own mystery. Take some time to get internal and unlock the mysteries that exist inside you – your unique, individual link to the cosmos. Try meditation, prayer, guided visualizations – on your own or in some kind of group or class. Explore what works for you with trial and error. Approach it like a scientist exploring new terrain. Step on the path of self-discovery – of learning who and what you are, outside of the roles that have been assigned to you from family, work, or friends. Find out what you believe, and where those beliefs come from. Create new beliefs. The world is in you, as much as you are in the world. Root yourself in your unique inner self. That’s where genuine confidence comes from.

  5. Turn on your gratitude meter.

Instead of creating a mental list of all the things that are wrong with the world and in your own life, start making a list of all the things that you like. Get out a piece of paper each morning or night, and take 15 minutes to generate some positive feedback for yourself. Get the positive vibes train going! Write down:

  • Things you love – anything!
  • Favorite memories
  • Something in your day or week that made you smile or laugh
  • Things that are going smoothly at this moment, small things and large
  • Ideas you want to explore
  • Places you enjoy
  • Activities you enjoy doing
  • People who have touched your life in some way
  • What you like about your home, town/city, or the area where you live
  • Moments of zen/om or bliss

When you’re having a rough moment or bad day, you can always refer to this list to help you remember that there are plenty of reasons to feel good and be optimistic. Connect the dots and see how things have worked out in your favor, how even the barriers or setbacks you’ve experienced have taught you something important.

There’s always something positive happening, and things we can do to stay empowered. Let’s focus on those.  With Saturn in Sagittarius for the next year or so, we can all work on our hope and optimism. My last tip for cultivating optimism is: whatever you do, do it with love.

Let’s stay connected. Tell me how you’re doing – share your challenges, tips, and little victories. We can support each other along the way.

With joy + faith,

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August 2016 – The Threshold


“Hope” by Benedetto Buglioni for Della Robbia circa 1510

You’ve committed to a new project, idea, or way. The path to commitment was full of obstacles, delays, and doubts. Old internal patterns like survival habits or negative people/thoughts/situations seemed to rise up from their burial place to be revisited yet again. When they reappear, it can make us feel like we haven’t made progress or that we are stuck in time, unable to move forward. This isn’t true.

Sometimes they show up to remind us of where we came from, lest we forget the work we’ve done to find our way to new opportunities. Sometimes they show up to test us, invitations from the past to return to our old way of doing things; our old patterns; our old selves. As always, we can choose. We have free will. The choice is ours.

How we interact with these specters from the past is the test. Do we take their hand and let them lead us astray – back to comfortable but stagnating old ground? Or do we see them for what they are – the last vestiges of armor we need to shed as we move forward into a new climate? Can we shed them with compassion, embracing the lessons we learned through them, and how they helped to bring us to this point? You can do whatever feels right for your momentum.

This is the threshold. Behind you are all the things that brought you to this important new doorway. None of them are bad, all of them had a role. You can see and feel them, even as you get a taste of the new terrain, which is also coming towards you.

This is a critical point.

Linger at the threshold for a bit, appreciating the small details of what’s new in your life. Different thoughts. Different people. New situations. Even if they are only small seeds and haven’t fully blossomed yet, they are indicators of what’s ahead.

Spend a little time here, appreciating their qualities. Feel and taste them as deeply as you can, rooting their new energy into your life. Value them. This is part of what helps them grow. Though small and ephemeral, they are signs of what’s to come. Strengthen your faith in yourself, aligning with hope and optimism. These are your stars, your beacons.

When you’re ready to take the next step, take it. See what rushes forward to lead you to the next sign post along the way.

Yours on the path,

Note: I channel these messages for my readers and for myself. Astrological influences for this message: Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto. Tarot influences for this message: Judgement, The Fool

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Pluto’s Ambassador – Louis CK Live August 2016



Everyone is living their natal astrological chart, whether or not they’re into astrology or aware of what their natal chart contains. I went to see Louis CK live recently, and I’m fascinated by how he expresses what’s in his chart. Louis has Sun at 19 Virgo conjunct Pluto at 20 Virgo with Uranus at 24 Virgo. Like millions of people of his generation, he has Pluto conjunct Uranus (very slow moving planets)– which shows innovation and freedom from the old ways of doing things – transformation of old paradigms in his 6th house of how one works, of how one receives and transmits knowledge. With Pluto conjunct sun, his identity/personality is what brings to light that Pluto content, and we know Louis has been very successful with his various personas.

Led Zeppelin songs were being played over the sound system before the show began, giving the place the feeling of a big 70’s style Zeppelin tour blowout show – the kind of tour that Jimmy Page once called “a moving stag party.” That’s what we associate Led Zeppelin with, right? So right away Louis is giving us a cue that he, like Zeppelin in their heyday, is having a ball, and no one can really touch him. This is his tour, for his fun, living his dream. He’s the Page/Plant of comedy. Personally I love Led Zeppelin so I was smiling before the show even started.

After the warm up acts, Louis came out on stage in a dark grey suit and an orange/red/white tie. He dressed up for the occasion, looking dapper. A new facet to his persona, maybe? He didn’t wear a mobster-style suit, or a vintage suit, or a metrosexual European suit. No – his suit was appropriate for church, or a funeral – a perfect uniform for delivering his Plutonic jokes! Gallows pole, anyone? His first joke was about suicide (it’s always an option); and death was a subject that he kept coming back to throughout the show. There’s that Plutonic subject matter in black and white.

CK is really good at raising a subject/concept, delivering a brutal joke about it that makes you laugh and cry at the same time, then going on to another subject/concept. He does several of these, then appears to change the subject or theme by digressing into stories about raising his kids, or his grandfather, or about growing up. These digressions always build on the ideas that he dropped earlier in the show, but it’s done more subtly. He just delivers another joke about the subject without pointing to it, weaving it in, dropping it like he’s dropping another penny into the well.

One of the many pleasures of watching him perform is his smirk. It makes him look like he’s embarrassed by what he’s about to say, or that even he is surprised by his audacity – that he can get away with what he’s saying. It’s a little show within the show. Another personal high point for me was when he talked about myths, time, and yes – he even mentioned Hades. As someone who is pretty Plutonic in my own way, I really appreciate it when I’m in the presence of a great artist doing Plutonic work in unique, brilliant ways.

The theme of this show was choice and free will. I won’t get into the specific jokes here because I feel like it isn’t fair – those are his show. Go see the show yourself and let Louis take you on an excursion to the underworld – the honest, hard, less than noble, not so rewarding side of making the choices that society tells you to make – often made by giving in to peer or cultural pressure. His premise and his jokes are designed to make the audience think about the choices they’re typically confronted with (marriage, vocation, having children) and how they make them. Do they make them based on the realities of them, or on the fantasy?

After illustrating the raw reality flip side of one of these big life subjects, he’d say “Go ahead, do it,” like old man Saturn speaking to a new year’s baby. Go make your mistakes and learn your lessons – I know you’re not really listening to me anyway, he seemed to say. He wove all of this together into one underworld journey that made stops along big choice points, provoking us to see them from a different angle.After a lot more laughing, crying and incredulity, Louis took his bow and the lights went on. Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times, Bad Times” blasted through the sound system, punctuating the message of the night.

Pluto visits people to shake them up out of the status quo. He gives us experiences of loss, change, difficulty, and trial by fire. These lessons force us to face ourselves honestly by seeing the underside of life. To come to terms with the inevitability of death, and to accept that larger forces than us are at play. When Pluto drags us under and works us over, we can potentially come away with a greater appreciation for the choices we can make, the freedom we do have, and the free will we were given to see them through – wherever those choices take us.

Prophet, court jester, provocateur, comedian, rock star, funeral director. Pluto wears many guises, and Louis CK is one of them. Wouldn’t you rather laugh your way to the gallows and maybe learn something along the way, than be delivered to it with a hood over your face, believing that the inside of the hood was all there is?

The night before the show I had a dream. I was sitting on a city bus, a long bus with hinges in the middle. The bus was creeping along a narrow street in a historic old city. The street was lined with old brick buildings that met the curb. I was sitting in a seat at the front of the back section of the bus. I saw Louis waiting to board the bus. He had a huge black suitcase and another bag. We were the only ones on the bus. I was hoping he’d sit next to me so I could talk to him, but he sat at the front of the bus, which was disappointing. Some unknown hand slipped a piece of paper to me, with two small souvenirs from Louis folded into the paper. A billet-doux, a little gift.

In reality, the night of the show we had to go to will call to get our tickets, which I had ordered through Louis’s email list/website. We stood in line with everyone else picking up their tickets, wondering if we’d get through the line in time to see the opening acts. When we got to the ticket booth, the woman looked at my receipt and directed me to the ‘Fan Club’ ticket pick up. We pushed through the crowd and picked up our tickets there. I opened the ticket envelope: fourth row seats! Wow, that was unexpected! There was my billet-doux, my souvenir. Thanks Louis!

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Mars in Scorpio: Slaying Dragons


Have you been doing battle with your own (mostly unconscious) thought patterns this year? Have your fears, insecurities, and negative self-talk come creeping out of their dark, underground lair to scorch you with their vehemence? Have you felt surprised at your anger? At the intractability of your fear?  Have you been mad at yourself or mad at God? Mars in Scorpio is like that. Mars went into Scorpio in early January, tromped into the friendlier grounds of Sagittarius in March and April, then doubled back into Scorpio with his elite forces at the end of May, where he set up camp in the heart of your Kingdom. He still had work to do for you.

Mars is a strategic warrior who used his elite forces to ferret out the secret doorway down to the Plutonic vault where your most tenacious fears and emotional blocks have been locked safely away. But Mars didn’t go down there to sneak in and slay the dragon that guards and protects them – no, he didn’t. He went down there to open the vault and set the dragon free.

You can’t slay a dragon unless you can see it and take aim. You can’t aim unless you know something about how the dragon operates, what it treasures, where its weak spot might be. But it’s really about what you treasure. The fears, blocks, and limiting talk that help you stay comfortable in your discontent or at a vibrational level that you’ve outgrown. Have you been squirming and anxious since that stuff has been let out for air? Have you felt the pressure building? Are you ready to explode?


Healing the outmoded parts of your consciousness means letting them out into the light.

You can use the power of Mars to stand your ground and face them down.

To find out how they’ve kept you safely in place.

To cut the chains that bind you to past ways of thinking, being, and seeing yourself.

To turn that dragon into your ride out of the past and on to new terrain.

It’s all you: the vault, the fears and insecurities, the dragon, Mars, the new terrain. Slay your fears with recognition, appreciation, and acceptance – see how they’ve helped you get here. It’s time for them to become a different kind of fire – fuel for your passage forward.

Mars will finally leave Scorpio on August 2.

Are you ready to fly?


Tarot influences for this message: The Emperor, Death, Judgement

Astrological influences for this message: Mars, Pluto, Sun

#Marsinscorpio #Pluto

If you’d like a reading to help you see the terrain ahead, contact me.

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Capricorn Full Moon Today – Working Hard at Learning


Today’s full moon is in Capricorn, highlighting the projects we’re working on that require self-discipline and learning in equal measure. The self-discipline is in our efforts to make progress on one or more projects – a little bit at a time.

This moon reverberates with Saturn in Sagittarius, since Saturn rules Capricorn and the moon is transiting in his native house. With Saturn in Sagg, we’re working on learning: studying, practicing, doing what we’re trying to develop or master, working the medium in which our project is being rendered.

A photographer takes multiple shots, but only one of the photos may end up being the ‘final’ image, the one shared with the world and viewed.

We, too, have been making attempts. Some successful, some just experiments or iterations, and with Saturn retrograde, that’s pretty much how it goes. It isn’t a straight path to completion. The real victory is in keeping at it.

This calls on us to be cool with the learning process and to taking many small risks until we land on or discover the way through. That’s how knowledge is built – one small test at a time.

The moon also made a pass at Pluto as it reached a visible waxing point. The moon and Pluto get along rather amicably most of the time, since they both serve as guardians to the subconscious and what’s hidden. Luckily, their conversation this month was short, giving us a quick glimpse at our deepest fear as the two planets chatted at the threshold of the underworld. We probably felt it more like a primal jolt, a creepy phantasm passing like a cloud in the past day or so. We dodged a bullet with this full moon – which, when put in the context of all that is happening in the world these days – feels like one big, lucky break.

Advice for the Capricorn full moon period – give or take a couple of days from today:

  • Be present and aware of yourself and others, and respect their sovereignty.
  • Don’t get caught up in provocations, quarrels, rants, or aggression. They’re distractions.
  • Continue to work diligently on your craft, and be open to the deeper lessons that emerge.
  • Stay grounded in your reality so that you can make the best choices for yourself, and through them, serve your local community/family/tribe.

Keeping at it,


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New Moon in Cancer – Seeds of Liberation

New moons are good for releasing and seeding, so that you can manifest new ideas, projects, or goals. They’re initiation points – good for taking a step to start something new. Release the old, then seed the new. Sometimes that simply means cleaning out to make space for planting new seeds.

The new moon today is in Cancer, opposing Pluto in Capricorn, and emphasizes your individual subconscious and how it’s been wounded by family, kin, and your family role. In Cancer, it’s nestled in your roots – your home, family, relationships, and emotions. It’s facing off with Pluto, which is confronting your comfort in old emotions and family patterns, and wants to help you transform them for your own growth.

Which old emotional patterns in your roots do you want or need to let go of? Which old emotional patterns are impeding your progress?

Meditate on those today, then call in some help to clear them out. Archangel Michael paired with Archangel Raphael can aid in clearing this energy from your energy field. Ask for help.

You can help yourself by:

  • Getting rid of any objects associated with these emotions
  • Cleaning your space and making it more reflective of who you are today
  • Practicing active compassion – towards yourself and family. Let go of past hurts. Apologize. Make amends. Clear the air. Walk away from toxic people and situations. Bring your energy back into yourself.
  • Finding a way to honor your past and be at peace with the present.

Even if you can only do it today, you’re planting a seed for future serenity – and energy. This is independence! Liberty at the internal level.

Give yourself more room to grow.

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July 2016 – The Brink of Fruition


You are on the brink of something beautiful. It emerges out of seeds you planted in your own heart, seeds you watered secretly, in darkness, fed by stars. Trust that you have done the work to plant the right seeds for your life at this time. Trust that you were guided and protected by loving beings who know your soul’s purpose. Believe in your dreams for yourself and enjoy the pleasure of bringing them to fruition.

Your life is the garden. Even as chaos, violence, anger, and manipulation occurs in the larger world, you can have a lush, nurturing sanctuary of your own. You must. You don’t need to depend on the world to give it to you. You’ve given it to you – this is much more satisfying, trustworthy. Your life and the seeds that are growing now help you stay grounded and creative so that you can bring out the beauty and wisdom inside you. This is your gift to yourself and the world.

You are not meant to suffer. You are meant to shine and create, to deliver a unique and meaningful expression. While your gift is a gift that was given to you first, for you first, it naturally benefits others – the way flowers, plants, and trees benefit others. Others who share your path, and others seeking a doorway, a key, or a sign post, maybe a way through to their own sanctuary. Trust that your offerings are being received by those to whom they matter.

Trust in yourself and let the fruits of your labor lead you where you’re going next, and enjoy the process of getting there.

Astrological influences for this message: #Venus, #Sun, #Saturn

Tarot influences for this message: #The Empress, #Queen of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles


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A Bewitching Full Moon on Monday, June 20


The full moon on Monday could be a bit challenging, with echoes of the new moon we had two weeks ago. If you can think back to how the week from May 27 -June 5 went for you, you’ll get a sense of the energy that’s brewing, and what to avoid. There’s an almost bewitching intensity in the air with this moon. Don’t be surprised if people around you start to resemble mythical creatures, animals, or elementals. You’ll see them in a flash out of the corner of your eye. Trust your side eye.

Seeing clearly is a gift one rarely prays for but one that when answered, pays off immediately.

As you go about your day and evening saturated in the silvery light this moon casts, let the images that come help you understand the creatures around you better. Let your Jungian gut instinct see beyond the mask that everyone’s wearing so you know who’s who in your little section of the enchanted forest, and adjust your relations accordingly.

Keep an objective distance, though, from dramas, provocations, and seductions – this full moon can cast a faery-glamour on you if you’re not careful, and you’ll wake up a few days later wondering how you let a sloth take up residence in your living room, or why on earth you let a baby dragon set fire to your hair.

With this moon it’s best to focus intently on your own business – your work, project, or home fire. Light a candle and invoke the angel of clarity and discernment – your best protection. If you dare, and I dare you to – step into the moonlight mirror and note the mystical creature you see blinking back at you. Which parts of you have the power to enchant, sway, or lead yourself or others astray? Which parts of you like to run wild and free, far from the constraints of society? What magic does this part of you have to offer? Perhaps you need that magic now. Use this moon to get better acquainted with the mythical creature in you, the one you occasionally catch fleeting glimpses of when your ego’s guard is down. That one.

If you must venture out into the enchanted forest, put on your invisibility cloak and bring your secret weapon – your power animal, your fiercest angel, the prayer you know by heart, by heart – and hold its hand until you’ve made it all the way through the twisting wild, and locked the door to the outside firmly behind you.

See you in the thicket of it,

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Creative Potential: An 80’s Mix

I was needing some kind of joyful, easy escape. A movie in an actual movie theater seemed like a novel idea, so I searched, and found Everybody Wants Some!!, a movie by Richard Linklater, who also directed Dazed and Confused, a movie I loved. I’m not a nostalgic person, even though I had some great fashion, concert, and poetry moments in the eighties, so I wasn’t looking for that. I wasn’t trying to revisit or recapture anything, I just wanted to see a good movie. A movie without violence, zombies, or superheroes. One of the beauties of Everybody Wants Some!! are yes, the adorable guys. But it’s more than just their late 70’s haircuts – it’s their innocence – their lack of malice and bitterness. We meet and follow Jake in his arrival at college and his entrée into the not-quite-a-frat house where he and the other members of the baseball team live, just on the edge of campus. The entire movie takes place over the course of the first weekend, and in that weekend we experience a lighthearted romp through 80’s musical styles and the team’s playful hazing of the new players. Jake quietly assesses the other characters on the team, navigating his way through social tests and competitions. He’s as competitive as the rest of the guys, but he’s humble and laid back about it, we just see him winning good naturedly– not posturing. We don’t really know what drives him until the end of the movie, and even then, we get one intimate glimpse of a spirit that reveals why he’s so likeable. It’s a surprising and gorgeous moment. It feels real, and possible.

A few weeks later, I was in the mood for another movie. On a whim, I selected a movie playing at the local retro/art theater, an Irish film – Sing Street. I was drawn to the movie by the description – a teenage boy gets sent off to catholic school in Dublin when his parents are in the midst of a break up, and he deals it with by starting a band. I skipped right over the ‘set in the 80’s’ part. In this film, we’re following 14 year-old Conor as he enters a rougher, less refined school than what he’s used to. Conor has to find his way around the restricting uniforms, the bullies, and a dubious priest while he tries to shield himself from the family dramas occurring just outside of his bedroom door. Like so many teenagers, he turns to music. Inspired by a girl he meets across the street from his school one afternoon, he starts a band, even though he’s never played an instrument before. He’s just following an inspired whim. The band, the pursuit of the girl – (as a muse and as a flesh and blood person,) and the music bring out Conor’s inner confidence. He’s not afraid to make a fool of himself – at school, or with the girl, which is really refreshing. Again – there’s no malice, vindictiveness, or mean spiritedness in these characters. Conor tries out different musical styles, hair styles, and ‘band’ styles as he grows more sure of himself and his songwriting. His evolution isn’t without pain and heartache, and he only sort of gets the girl, but he’s winning just by trying. At one point, his older brother is giving him advice about girls. He says “No woman can truly love a man who listens to Phil Collins.” Who can argue with that? I wasn’t purposely trying to revisit the 80’s, it just happened, albeit via fiction.

One of the band styles that Conor adopts is based on The Cure. Seeing him made up like Robert Smith made me want to revisit some of those great, melodic, jangly irresistible Cure songs that I’ve always loved. That’s when I realized that I’d fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole – the 80’s hole. In truth, my life was pretty challenging during that decade and I don’t usually want to revisit it. The best part of the 80’s for me was the music and the art. Luckily, the music isn’t tied to specific memories. Instead, it evokes a feeling that permeated that period – the feeling of creative potential. That feeling runs through both of those films, and it’s woven into this song from The Cure.

Once I’d fallen fully down the rabbit hole, I found the 80’s popping up in other places. I stumbled on Adult World, a little indie film on Netflix. In this one, which isn’t set in the 80’s, the protagonist is a college girl who writes poetry and wants to be a famous poet. She lives at home with her parents and has never had a boyfriend. When her working class parents tell her they can’t afford to pay for all of the poetry contests she enters, she gets a job at a sex toy/porn shop. She meets a local poet, played by John Cusack, whose heyday as a poet was a few decades ago. She follows him around and offers to clean his house. A Saturnian character, he is doing what he can with what he has, teaching but not coddling. Notes for his next book live on the backs of receipts  and scrap paper in piles around his living room. He’s complicated, his facets hewn by time, fame, disappointment, and reality. This is a quiet film about how dreams meet reality, how fantasies divert us from seeing the truth and taking responsibility, what it’s really like to be a working writer, and how important personal experience is in any creative pursuit. The 80’s connection in this film is John Cusack. What girl didn’t fall in love with Lloyd Dobler in 1989’s Say Anything? His role in Adult World made me think about him all over again. He and his character became my escort out of the rabbit hole.

Like Conor in Sing Street, I followed a whim. My little excursion into the 80’s helped me retrieve something I needed for this moment in my life – something I didn’t even know that I needed -the feeling of creative potential. Creative energy is an eternal energy, Venusian, but it isn’t always easy to access. It’s easily sunk by self-doubt, competitiveness, and the cultural demand for success. I’m shaking those off, armed instead with the joy of doing, of standing on the precipice, ready to dive in. And I have a key to help me call up that delicate force whenever I need it – some Cure songs, maybe a John Cusack movie, alot of that Saturn self discipline – and some new whim.

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June 2016 – Gaining Traction



What have you set your sites on? You’ve been searching your inner sky for solutions, ideas, some project or product to put yourself into. Once again, a few ideas have risen above the others, becoming clearer and more defined, filling in with detail. This is a sign that these solutions have more possibility. They exist in the astral realm, waiting for someone to bring them to fruition. Will it be you, or someone else? You cannot do them all, certainly. Which one of them feels more possible, closer to earth? If you can almost touch it, see it, taste it – and you can’t help but reach for it – then that’s the one for you.

Imagine yourself reaching up and plucking it out of the realm of potential. Imagine holding it in your hand, or creating it with whatever mediums will render it into form. Imagine it completed – you’re standing back, looking at it with awe and accomplishment. You brought this thing to life. You saw it as a sparkle in the eye of the cosmos. You committed to creating a studio for it, a place for it to land and take shape. As you admire it, admire too your realization of it. The seed in you that grew along with it.

June is the month to start creating, to take your tools and start crafting from this tiny star. Only you can do it your way, with your unique signature, with your particular passion. You have an original combination of skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to turn this idea into reality. Others may have a similar idea, but they can’t put into it what you put into it – their version would be distinctly different from yours. Yours is the only one that counts at this moment – focus on it!

As you craft, understand that you are creating traction on a new path. Effort is traction. Effort is building. At some point, effort will become a wheel that turns of its own accord, a vehicle that carries you into new terrain. You cannot see the terrain from this vantage point, but if you are diligent and committed to honing this star, you will wake up one day and find yourself turning a new corner.

Passion + Vision + Consistent Action will build something in the world, something in you, opening avenues to new discoveries. You are here to bring things to fulfillment – this is your task. This is your sacrifice. This is your blessing. This is your reward. Be open to where it leads.

Astrological influences for this message: Mercury, Saturn, Venus.

Tarot influences for this message: Ace of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, The Star, The World

See you around the corner,


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