Atelier du Coeur, roughly translated, means “Studio/workshop of the heart.”  Our heart – the physical heart and the energetic heart – is how we connect with the world. In my cosmic coaching sessions, I work with clients to get to the heart of what’s going on in their lives so that we can build on strengths and release things that no longer serve them. The cosmos is in a constant state of change and growth, and as a unique cell of the universe, each of us affects the whole. Who, how, and what we are matters. Psychic, Tarot, and Lenormand card readings help to fortify your understanding of the people, places, energies and events affecting your life, and offer practical guidance for how to navigate them. Energy healing supports your efforts to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues you’re going through. Energy healing is not a replacement for medical treatment; rather it gets to the energetic ‘heart’ of it to support healing.

Diane has been intuitive and into symbolic and archetypal meanings since she was a child. To hone her gifts, she has studied and practiced the shamanic and hermetic arts for eleven years. Her teachers include Mark Stavish, Brian Osborne, and Amanda Linette Meder. She also trained with the Four Winds. Knowledge is nothing without experience. Diane worked diligently to apply these practices and beliefs to her own life, transforming from the inside out. Life is an inside job! In addition to her metaphysical work, Diane has worked in behavioral health research and consulting for eleven years, adding to her scientific knowledge on addiction, mental health, and recovery. Through cosmic coaching, energy healing, tarot, and applied tools, Diane helps others experience life on a spiritual level, and reconnect to their own motivation, dreams, and personal magic.

“We overcame many obstacles to be here, so what we’re doing must be important.” – Jean Debuis

2 Responses to About

  1. jenae2012 says:

    Wish I lived in New England :)) Great info, thanks, Jenae


  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Nice to “meet” you Diane. Wow you have a lot of great topics here on your website – I bookmarked you and now have much reading to do! Please visit my reads – lots of channeled art – at http://www.AngelHug234.com.


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