Are You Being Double?


Koi Pond, Botanical Garden


Sometimes there are two versions of you operating in the world. Have you heard your double? If you’re experiencing blocks or obstacles that get in the way of your progress towards change, it’s probably your double who is hard at work, sabotaging your efforts.

It’s time to reel your other self in. But how do you find your double?

Start paying attention to your behavior. That double is the part of you that slips out and works in direct opposition to your desires and goals. Say you’re trying hard to manifest something. For instance – a better relationship with a sibling, partner, friend, or job. You are taking steps to make things more positive. You tell this person that you want to try. You’ve made a verbal and mental commitment. When a situation comes up in which you have a choice to do things the ‘old’ dysfunctional way, or to try and do it a new way, you make an effort to do it differently. That’s great!

But what else are you doing and saying?

Are you complaining about this person or situation to others?

Are you making wishes inside your head that the other person or situation will fail or that some part of their life will change or falter to make it easier for you?

Are you gossiping about them – talking about their behavior or making guesses about what they may or may not be doing?

Are you pulling other people into the story by talking about it with them?

These are instances when your double self is working hard to sabotage your goals. This is how you work at cross purposes to yourself, birthing your double and giving it power.

Every time you speak, you’re creating. Every time you think and focus on a thought or image, you’re creating. You can neutralize your double by saying and doing things that are in line with your goal, and by eliminating thoughts, words, and actions that go against them.

Otherwise, you and your double are going to be dancing around this issue for a long time. Do you want stay in place, or move on?




About Ms. Cosmic

I'm a multi-faceted, creative, grounded Magician, healer, writer, and cosmic consultant. Cosmic conversations about life, art, imagination, and what sets people on fire make me pretty happy.
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