January 2017 – Swimming with Venus


How will you harness the magic that January 2017 offers? Venus, Mars, Chiron, and Neptune are all in Pisces through the end of January. Saturn, the planet of work and self-discipline is in Sagittarius, squaring all that Neptune energy. When planets square, there’s great potential for work to be done between them. Some astrologers think that watery, dreamy, escapist Neptune in Pisces can make the path to work (Saturn) slippery, sending you to the bar to have a few drinks rather than rolling up your sleeves.

But we’re in Capricorn season – ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is a player in this configuration. Venus is your creative, manifesting charm – your magnetism. Mars is your will, how you turn your desire into action. Chiron is here to help you untangle your mixed feelings about spirit, God, or your connection to source. Neptune is the power of dreams and your connection to spirit. Yes, there are more challenging qualities to these planets, but I’m using this stellium in Pisces to wave a magic wand into your thinking, sprinkling a little fairy dust on your work muscles to give them a boost.

January can feel deflated and empty after the build-up and crash of the holidays. Let’s be real -it can foster laziness. But think of it as a good empty – ripe for taking small actions to blaze a new trail somewhere in your life. Maybe it just means picking up the scythe and getting back to work on the trail you were blazing before the holidays hit. Or maybe it means widening that trail to give you more room to breathe. To take stock and plot your next moves. Or maybe you can use it to create a brief respite – a temporary nest where you can lay back and look up at the sky, recalibrating your compass.

If you look up, you can see Venus. She’s so bright right now! Give her some props. She likes to swim around in Pisces, discovering the treasures of the sea. Connect with her if you can – cozy up to her and bring her into your personal studio, your work space. Use these few weeks in January to generate, to work your artist muscle. If nothing else, stare at the blank canvas and dream. It’s a different kind of work – work that precedes action. Then use Saturn to be realistic about what it’s going to take to blaze that trail – and pick up your scythe. 2017 is a year of opportunity – use it in your favor.



About Ms. Cosmic

I'm a multi-faceted, creative, grounded Magician, healer, writer, and cosmic consultant. Cosmic conversations about life, art, imagination, and what sets people on fire make me pretty happy.
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