6 Signs That Your Pluto Transit is Working for You


In a previous post I shared 10 Signs That You’re Experiencing a Pluto Transit. Pluto is the planet that rules death, rebirth, transformation, and the underworld. It has a slow, eliptical orbit. When it transits or passes over one of the planets in your natal chart, its energy focuses on that planet, beaming into the area of your life ruled by that astrological house.

Pluto takes about two years to go over that planet and point in your chart, excavating and bringing to the surface your outworn habits, situations, ways of being, and people related to that area. It brings their points of trouble to the surface so that they can be consciously dealt with, destroyed, or changed. This isn’t an easy process and my other post gets into what can happen during this transit.

The thing about Pluto is that it ultimately serves to empower us, because Pluto is a powerful planet. That power does require us to surrender to its process while it is happening, and to do so consciously. You can’t fight change. Or: you can try to fight change, but you will end up in deeper trouble- burrowing into a hole that Pluto and the universe has committed to getting you out of. Evolution is the goal, and you are the protagonist. If you can partner with that Plutonic energy and work with the excavation process, submitting yourself to its will and intent, you will come out on the other side stronger, clearer, and more YOU.

When Pluto hits your planet for the last time, you’ll start to see great changes. There are six signs that your Pluto transit is starting to work for you:

1) A particular goal you activated before the transit starts to manifest out of the blue, long after you’ve given up on it. Surprise! It may not look like you imagined it would, or perhaps it looks exactly like you imagined it would, but 100% better.

2) Some big thing in your internal dialogue or self-talk bad habits finally shifts. New dialogues and internal ways of being simply start to gain traction. Your subconscious is accessing helpful stories/images/dreams to replace the ones it has destroyed. Yeah, that was painful, wasn’t it? But isn’t the clarity liberating?

3) Those supernatural or paranormal forces you’ve had scary encounters with are replaced with helpful, insightful, or beautiful ones. Partner with them – you can live in a magical world.

4) Whatever goal, topic, or process Pluto forced you to surrender starts to come back to you bigger and stronger. Engaging with it differently now is everything, because this moment is the start of its true unfolding or transformation. Look familiar? Treat it as something new, not something old, and you’ll make the most of Pluto’s offering.

5) People and situations that can help you and are future oriented start to appear in your life. How do you engage with them? Pluto has a direction and goal for you that you aren’t aware of, and these are signposts, doorways, and keys. Don’t be afraid to explore and take a risk! See where it leads you.

6) The deaths start to abate. Pluto often brings death – of people, dreams, and situations. Are you spookily aware that things have been calm and peaceful lately? Maybe things even feel slightly positive? Whew! You’re almost through the underworld tunnel! Appreciate being on the brink – it may be slow getting there, but there are bright lights ahead.

Pluto is an intense energy and it makes us intense when it hits a natal planet. During that two to three year period that it transits, we go deeper than we’ve ever gone before. As Pluto moves forward and away from that point in our chart, it carries us slowly along in our evolution, giving us more authentic relationships, situations, and ways of being. Authenticity is our real power. When we bring it to the world, we are giving it our best.

Want to know where Pluto is in your natal chart, and in transit? Get your free astrology chart on astro.com. Under the Free Horoscopes, select “extended chart selection” then choose the “Natal chart and transits” chart option. Enter your birth data. See where Pluto, the “P” sign is outside the circle, and if it’s touching any sign inside the circle

Seeing the light ahead, Diane


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I'm a multi-faceted, creative, grounded Magician, healer, writer, and cosmic consultant. Cosmic conversations about life, art, imagination, and what sets people on fire make me pretty happy.
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