Holiday Season Survival Tips


How are you holding up this season? The fall was already extremely pressured, and the election pulled at everyone’s energy, challenging our ability to focus. December snuck in under the radar and now we’re on the threshold of the holidays, another set of cultural events that can be draining, stressful, and a challenge to our immune systems. Add to that mercury retrograde which starts next week, and we are all feeling stretched thin by life.

I offer up what I’m doing to get through this season:

1) Scheduling some self-care. Massage, acupuncture, energy work, meditation – even if you can’t fit it in right now, you can make an appointment for a post-holiday tune-up. Sometimes just knowing I have something scheduled puts me in that stream of energy and helps me get there more smoothly.

2) Tapping into the sacred or holy. I’m seeking out the activities that feel magical and restorative so I can have a deeper experience than the hustle and bustle provides. Connecting with divine mystery always brightens my outlook, refreshes my hard drive, and helps me stay grounded. Art, music, church, an evening under the stars…

3) Listening to my body. My body (and yours) is full of infinite wisdom about what is and isn’t good, about what it does and doesn’t want. Each day, I listen for the main message it’s telling me and try to honor it. It can be as simple as saying no to another social engagement, or forgoing a cocktail on a Wednesday night dinner out. Small opportunities for honoring the wisdom of our bodies occur every day, and when we listen to it and follow its desire, that mind-body-spirit relationship gets stronger.

We can create and maintain our own center even when society tries to catch us in the net of chaos!

Wishing you personal peace as 2016 catapults to a crazy close,




About Ms. Cosmic

I'm a multi-faceted, creative, grounded Magician, healer, writer, and cosmic consultant. Cosmic conversations about life, art, imagination, and what sets people on fire make me pretty happy.
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One Response to Holiday Season Survival Tips

  1. llpearson says:

    Pragmatic refreshment for mind, body and spirit. Thank you. I am paying attention to what my body can and cannot tolerate anymore. While I have always considered myself to be a healthy eater, my body has been telling me otherwise so I am paying attention. Wheat may be a problem so I’m working a gluten-free lifestyle. Dairy continues to be paired down. Only goat or sheep’s milk. No cow. Not even in my tea. Also reducing hypnotics and self-managing stress. Haven’t reached any conclusions yet but it feels right.
    Thank you for being a bright, shiny power of example.


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