September 2016 – Steering the Chariot


Chaos continues to intensify, fed by the fears, emotions, and thoughts of individuals. The more energy it’s given, the stronger it gets. There are many different kinds and types of chaos vying for your attention right now. From the big things like politics, world affairs, and acts of violence – to the smaller things like family dramas and gossip.

Giving your energy to chaos doesn’t make it stop or change direction. Instead, it starts to pull you into its vortex. Its vortex expands, because it has you in it, creating a larger, faster comet of chaos.

What does it do for you? It pulls you off center, out of any momentum that you may have gained in your own endeavors.

Sustaining your own momentum is critical right now. September is a turning point with the Solar and Lunar eclipses – how you focus your wizard’s wand and how you steer your chariot this month effects the next six months of your life.

Be conscious of your aim – the vision you’re trying to create, and the chaos you’re trying to avoid.

Notice when, where, and how chaos gets its hooks in you. TV? News? In line at the grocery store? Around the water cooler in the office? Chatting with a neighbor or family member?

When you notice it starting to pull you off road, turn your gaze back to your own horizon and take control of the reins. Point your wand, and your horses, in the direction of your goals and vision.

Steer your chariot away from chaos and diversion.

Point the wheels towards your own creation. What you’re bringing to the world matters. Where you put your energy matters. Aim consciously.

Astrological influences for this message: Moon, Saturn, Mars.

Tarot influences for this message: The Chariot, The Sun, The Devil, The World.






About Ms. Cosmic

I'm a multi-faceted, creative, grounded Magician, healer, writer, and cosmic consultant. Cosmic conversations about life, art, imagination, and what sets people on fire make me pretty happy.
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3 Responses to September 2016 – Steering the Chariot

  1. Grandtrines says:

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  3. LLP says:

    Diane, this is right on the money. It is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you! Your words of wisdom will influence me on the journey through this chaotic month. Think I got the message just in time.


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