10 Signs That You’re Experiencing a Pluto Transit


Everyone has Pluto transiting their natal astrology chart, but not everyone has Pluto transiting a planet in their chart. When Pluto, the planet of the underworld, death, and transformation transits one of your natal planets – you feel it. There are very clear signs, and they usually aren’t pleasant.

The effects of Pluto transits come on slowly, because Pluto’s orbit is slow. Slow change and transformation sounds like it might be easier to bear than fast change, right? But if something is dying, do you really want it to be a long drawn out process? I guess it all depends on what it is.

The top ten signs that you’re experiencing a Pluto transit to one of your natal planets:

  1. Obsessions start to show up in your life. You could become obsessed with a person, idea, goal, or anything else. Also, you may find that you are the object of someone else’s obsession.
  2. Long buried emotions, wounds, or dysfunctions start to ‘come out’ whether you want them to or not. Evidence of their existence becomes visible to you and possibly to others. Anything you’ve ‘buried’ in the underworld of your psyche or life has the potential to show up for review, clearing, and transformation.
  3. You start to experience things that go bump in the night, even if you don’t believe in them. Ghosts, spirits, and spiritual creatures start showing up. Pluto rules the underworld, and its transit can open the door. Learn some energy clearing techniques.
  4. Losses start to occur. People leave your life, and you could also lose jobs, groups, situations, relationships, long held goals, ideas, and material things. This can happen without your consent, desire, or acceptance. Pluto clears out what is no longer working in your life for your evolutionary best interest, so keep that in mind as you say goodbye. New people and situations will come in, but it will take time.
  5. Slow, excruciating change. Though you may try to work with Pluto and let things go, face things, and be ahead of the curve, Pluto takes its own sweet time to build new, stronger structures. It’s not going to be on your timeframe, so let go of any wish for control of the process. You simply don’t have it. Did I mention that Pluto is slow?
  6. Things feel intense. You feel a burgeoning sense of power and powerlessness at the same time. Both are true.
  7. Plunging the depths. Though it might be nice to dance on the surface of things, you find yourself having to plunge into the depths – your own, others, or whatever you are focusing on. The superficial simply isn’t an option, even if you want it to be. Use this energy to study or learn new things that require concentration – Pluto can help with them.
  8. Dreams become pretty vivid, and past life information may start to come through. The world starts to feel multi-dimensional. Welcome to the matrix!
  9. Hardest of all is that YOU start to change internally – like there’s a slow, silent bulldozer excavating your emotions and psyche. The soil gets stirred up, but you don’t necessarily know what to do with it. Therapy, dream yoga, meditation, writing or expressive arts – these are your friends during a Pluto transit.
  10. You can feel pushed into the depths, and out of your depth. It’s ok. You’ll adjust. Life is change, and with Pluto in charge of your lessons for this period – you’re in the AP class.

Pluto transits to natal planets can take several years to finish. Riding it through requires patience, acceptance, and surrender. But you can also make the most of Pluto and the change and opportunities that come out of these experiences – they’re the keys that can help you find your way through this particularly intense period in your life. If you’re wanting some goal or outcome from the Pluto transit the best thing you can do is know what it is then do your best to let it go. Pluto only delivers once you’ve let go. It’s best not to get too attached to any outcome when Pluto is knocking on your door – focus on process, and building your knowledge – of you.

Want to know where Pluto is in your natal chart, and in transit? Get your free astrology chart on astro.com. Under the Free Horoscopes, select “extended chart selection” then choose the “Natal chart and transits” chart option. Enter your birth data. See where Pluto, the “P” sign is outside the circle, and if it’s touching any sign inside the circle.

From deep in my Pluto transit,


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