Spring Equinox 2017 – Retreat and Renew, Resist the Impulse to Run


Painting by Sharon Ellis, photo taken at MassMoca exhibit


The energies this week are a bit turbulent. With Venus retrograde, we could be revisiting old, dead stories about our love lives. People and karma we thought we’d left behind may resurface. This week Venus leaves the night sky to return to the underworld for eight days before she reappears as the morning star. She’ll be the morning star for the rest of 2017. Want to use Venus retrograde wisely? It’s great for reworking art that you haven’t finished yet, or finding new ways of relating in current relationships. Maybe things have become a little…stale? Out of balance? Routine? Tweaking what’s working to enhance it and start a new chapter is a great way to use the energy of Venus retrograde and the Spring Equinox.

Uranus is a wild card and with Mercury and Jupiter in the mix this week, communications could be hot tempered, unexpected, and jarring. Or it could be overblown and out of proportion to the situation! You know how they say count to ten before you speak? Try counting to twenty, and putting your phone down. Or take a break from communications altogether and shut your phone down for a day. Or two! At least put it on silent. Friday and Saturday would be good days to do so.

Speaking of Spring – the sun feels great these days, doesn’t it? Now that it’s in Aries, a fire sign, there’s an impulse to take off like you’re at the start of a race, to do everything now! To chase the wind. Yes, you want to harness the energy of Sun in Aries to get moving on things and light a fire under your own tail. But this week could be challenging – it might do you better to take a few more days to go within, meditate, dream, and visit your inner world. When you nourish yourself by drinking from your own well, the water is pure and unfiltered. You become well hydrated, which is essential to handling all the things that are going on around you this week.

Spring equinox is a good day to make a list of the things you want to grow in this season. Plant a few small select seeds, so they have a chance to sprout. Make your list tonight! Or on Friday, March 25, a magical day when Venus crosses the threshold into darkness. She can carry your seeds with her, if you ask nicely.

Mindfully yours,

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Are You Being Double?


Koi Pond, Botanical Garden


Sometimes there are two versions of you operating in the world. Have you heard your double? If you’re experiencing blocks or obstacles that get in the way of your progress towards change, it’s probably your double who is hard at work, sabotaging your efforts.

It’s time to reel your other self in. But how do you find your double?

Start paying attention to your behavior. That double is the part of you that slips out and works in direct opposition to your desires and goals. Say you’re trying hard to manifest something. For instance – a better relationship with a sibling, partner, friend, or job. You are taking steps to make things more positive. You tell this person that you want to try. You’ve made a verbal and mental commitment. When a situation comes up in which you have a choice to do things the ‘old’ dysfunctional way, or to try and do it a new way, you make an effort to do it differently. That’s great!

But what else are you doing and saying?

Are you complaining about this person or situation to others?

Are you making wishes inside your head that the other person or situation will fail or that some part of their life will change or falter to make it easier for you?

Are you gossiping about them – talking about their behavior or making guesses about what they may or may not be doing?

Are you pulling other people into the story by talking about it with them?

These are instances when your double self is working hard to sabotage your goals. This is how you work at cross purposes to yourself, birthing your double and giving it power.

Every time you speak, you’re creating. Every time you think and focus on a thought or image, you’re creating. You can neutralize your double by saying and doing things that are in line with your goal, and by eliminating thoughts, words, and actions that go against them.

Otherwise, you and your double are going to be dancing around this issue for a long time. Do you want stay in place, or move on?



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Finding the Keys to Your Personal Magic

key-fearless_jmcg-signupHere we are in a new year. Astrologically and energetically, 2017 is a year that asks us to step up and step out in our authenticity and truth. We are being summoned to break free from paradigms, groups, and ideologies – to stand in our own values, and use our individual gifts of creative self-expression to connect with the world.

Sometimes gathering the courage to be authentic in a world that wants conformity can be daunting. But our uniqueness is what life actually craves. Are you looking for more ways to experience your own personal magic? I’ll be delivering a talk, Finding the Keys to Your Personal Magic, at the Joysource Women’s Getaway Weekend, April 1-2, at Ashworth by the Sea in Hampton, New Hampshire. I’ll also be giving Tarot Readings, which can be booked through Julie at the Joysource.

In this talk and workshop, I’ll be talking about how each one of us has innate access to all the wisdom and guidance we need to live a meaningful, authentic, and enriching life. I’ll help you connect to your own inner guidance system through the use of symbols, archetypes, and synchronicity. It’s going to be fun. Julie has a great line-up of speakers and workshops to help you become grounded in your own brand of optimism and truth.

I hope to see you there!

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January 2017 – Swimming with Venus


How will you harness the magic that January 2017 offers? Venus, Mars, Chiron, and Neptune are all in Pisces through the end of January. Saturn, the planet of work and self-discipline is in Sagittarius, squaring all that Neptune energy. When planets square, there’s great potential for work to be done between them. Some astrologers think that watery, dreamy, escapist Neptune in Pisces can make the path to work (Saturn) slippery, sending you to the bar to have a few drinks rather than rolling up your sleeves.

But we’re in Capricorn season – ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is a player in this configuration. Venus is your creative, manifesting charm – your magnetism. Mars is your will, how you turn your desire into action. Chiron is here to help you untangle your mixed feelings about spirit, God, or your connection to source. Neptune is the power of dreams and your connection to spirit. Yes, there are more challenging qualities to these planets, but I’m using this stellium in Pisces to wave a magic wand into your thinking, sprinkling a little fairy dust on your work muscles to give them a boost.

January can feel deflated and empty after the build-up and crash of the holidays. Let’s be real -it can foster laziness. But think of it as a good empty – ripe for taking small actions to blaze a new trail somewhere in your life. Maybe it just means picking up the scythe and getting back to work on the trail you were blazing before the holidays hit. Or maybe it means widening that trail to give you more room to breathe. To take stock and plot your next moves. Or maybe you can use it to create a brief respite – a temporary nest where you can lay back and look up at the sky, recalibrating your compass.

If you look up, you can see Venus. She’s so bright right now! Give her some props. She likes to swim around in Pisces, discovering the treasures of the sea. Connect with her if you can – cozy up to her and bring her into your personal studio, your work space. Use these few weeks in January to generate, to work your artist muscle. If nothing else, stare at the blank canvas and dream. It’s a different kind of work – work that precedes action. Then use Saturn to be realistic about what it’s going to take to blaze that trail – and pick up your scythe. 2017 is a year of opportunity – use it in your favor.


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6 Signs That Your Pluto Transit is Working for You


In a previous post I shared 10 Signs That You’re Experiencing a Pluto Transit. Pluto is the planet that rules death, rebirth, transformation, and the underworld. It has a slow, eliptical orbit. When it transits or passes over one of the planets in your natal chart, its energy focuses on that planet, beaming into the area of your life ruled by that astrological house.

Pluto takes about two years to go over that planet and point in your chart, excavating and bringing to the surface your outworn habits, situations, ways of being, and people related to that area. It brings their points of trouble to the surface so that they can be consciously dealt with, destroyed, or changed. This isn’t an easy process and my other post gets into what can happen during this transit.

The thing about Pluto is that it ultimately serves to empower us, because Pluto is a powerful planet. That power does require us to surrender to its process while it is happening, and to do so consciously. You can’t fight change. Or: you can try to fight change, but you will end up in deeper trouble- burrowing into a hole that Pluto and the universe has committed to getting you out of. Evolution is the goal, and you are the protagonist. If you can partner with that Plutonic energy and work with the excavation process, submitting yourself to its will and intent, you will come out on the other side stronger, clearer, and more YOU.

When Pluto hits your planet for the last time, you’ll start to see great changes. There are six signs that your Pluto transit is starting to work for you:

1) A particular goal you activated before the transit starts to manifest out of the blue, long after you’ve given up on it. Surprise! It may not look like you imagined it would, or perhaps it looks exactly like you imagined it would, but 100% better.

2) Some big thing in your internal dialogue or self-talk bad habits finally shifts. New dialogues and internal ways of being simply start to gain traction. Your subconscious is accessing helpful stories/images/dreams to replace the ones it has destroyed. Yeah, that was painful, wasn’t it? But isn’t the clarity liberating?

3) Those supernatural or paranormal forces you’ve had scary encounters with are replaced with helpful, insightful, or beautiful ones. Partner with them – you can live in a magical world.

4) Whatever goal, topic, or process Pluto forced you to surrender starts to come back to you bigger and stronger. Engaging with it differently now is everything, because this moment is the start of its true unfolding or transformation. Look familiar? Treat it as something new, not something old, and you’ll make the most of Pluto’s offering.

5) People and situations that can help you and are future oriented start to appear in your life. How do you engage with them? Pluto has a direction and goal for you that you aren’t aware of, and these are signposts, doorways, and keys. Don’t be afraid to explore and take a risk! See where it leads you.

6) The deaths start to abate. Pluto often brings death – of people, dreams, and situations. Are you spookily aware that things have been calm and peaceful lately? Maybe things even feel slightly positive? Whew! You’re almost through the underworld tunnel! Appreciate being on the brink – it may be slow getting there, but there are bright lights ahead.

Pluto is an intense energy and it makes us intense when it hits a natal planet. During that two to three year period that it transits, we go deeper than we’ve ever gone before. As Pluto moves forward and away from that point in our chart, it carries us slowly along in our evolution, giving us more authentic relationships, situations, and ways of being. Authenticity is our real power. When we bring it to the world, we are giving it our best.

Want to know where Pluto is in your natal chart, and in transit? Get your free astrology chart on astro.com. Under the Free Horoscopes, select “extended chart selection” then choose the “Natal chart and transits” chart option. Enter your birth data. See where Pluto, the “P” sign is outside the circle, and if it’s touching any sign inside the circle

Seeing the light ahead, Diane

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Holiday Season Survival Tips


How are you holding up this season? The fall was already extremely pressured, and the election pulled at everyone’s energy, challenging our ability to focus. December snuck in under the radar and now we’re on the threshold of the holidays, another set of cultural events that can be draining, stressful, and a challenge to our immune systems. Add to that mercury retrograde which starts next week, and we are all feeling stretched thin by life.

I offer up what I’m doing to get through this season:

1) Scheduling some self-care. Massage, acupuncture, energy work, meditation – even if you can’t fit it in right now, you can make an appointment for a post-holiday tune-up. Sometimes just knowing I have something scheduled puts me in that stream of energy and helps me get there more smoothly.

2) Tapping into the sacred or holy. I’m seeking out the activities that feel magical and restorative so I can have a deeper experience than the hustle and bustle provides. Connecting with divine mystery always brightens my outlook, refreshes my hard drive, and helps me stay grounded. Art, music, church, an evening under the stars…

3) Listening to my body. My body (and yours) is full of infinite wisdom about what is and isn’t good, about what it does and doesn’t want. Each day, I listen for the main message it’s telling me and try to honor it. It can be as simple as saying no to another social engagement, or forgoing a cocktail on a Wednesday night dinner out. Small opportunities for honoring the wisdom of our bodies occur every day, and when we listen to it and follow its desire, that mind-body-spirit relationship gets stronger.

We can create and maintain our own center even when society tries to catch us in the net of chaos!

Wishing you personal peace as 2016 catapults to a crazy close,



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December 2016 – Dig Deep to Stay True


We’re all still reeling from the events of November, though I think we are out of the shock and mourning phase. It feels like the world has been turned upside down, and perhaps it has. What I’ve noticed is that even people who don’t normally discuss their political or social beliefs are joining the conversation and speaking their minds. Dialogues are happening openly. People are mad, and actively looking for ways to get involved, connect with other like-minded people, and find their community. We are awake in a different way than we were before.

“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.” – Allen Ginsburg

I return to this metaphysical truth: thoughts are things. They have form.

The media is constantly feeding us images and information that may or may not be true. That information can trigger our fears and anger. It feeds our thoughts, dropping programs into our personal hard drive- our subconscious. Then what happens? With enough individuals sharing the same fears and thoughts, they begin to take collective form. Our emotions give them fuel in the world. They take shape and become real.

Now more than ever, it’s important to become a guardian of your own subconscious. To reinforce your values and your vision of the world with the images and information that will help to create it. It’s important to detach from the news and media, and ground yourself in your reality. In your community. In your goals, vision, and personal world. Talk to people – real people. Ground yourself.

If you want to have the strength and fortitude to stay awake, take the actions you believe in, and see the world you believe in come to fruition, get back to being a creator. Find the images, words, and people that feed your vision and work them! Actively engage with them on a daily basis.

Now more than ever, we’re required to dig deep into our faith and cultivate optimism. It’s easy to be optimistic when things are going the way you think they should, but true optimism is something we need in challenging times. It’s a muscle we need to exercise consciously. Repeatedly.

Do the things that you give you pleasure, that restore your faith in humanity and yourself, that nurture your soul. Hold on to your sovereignty and strengthen it. Guard it. Grow it. Work it. Thoughts are things. Use them to build the world you want to live in.

December’s astrological weather is going to be stormy. Fortify your vessel!

I don’t know about you, but I’m alive now for a reason, and I’m going to keep living it.


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November 2016 – Honing Your Sight


During Scorpio season, the Sun shines a light on the deepest parts of ourselves. The shorter days aid your internal descent, supporting you to go inward. It’s ok to need more solitude right now, to close the door on external commitments and get reacquainted with your inner world. Go ahead – shut the door! But try not to fill your solitude with media – it’s time to unplug from the matrix. Instead, spend some quality time with you. Meditate, write, make art, clean your space. Give your psyche room to breathe – and play. Create room and time for your own knowledge and wisdom to come forth, unobstructed by the agendas and needs of others.

This is your sacred space and time.

As you reconnect with your own resources, source energy, soul – your need for external news and messages will diminish. This is a good thing – it gives you the space and distance you need to see unhealthy dramas and people for what they are: spider webs. A distraction. An energy drain. When you’re full of you, your boundaries get stronger. You can accomplish more towards your own goals and interests. Your energy goes towards your own life, rather than being pulled into other people’s goals. In the deep waters of Scorpio you can dive for and retrieve your personal treasures. As your underwater sight gets stronger, you’ll see more in the daylight, too, where you have other treasures hiding in plain sight.

Clarity is a gift, a tool you can use in every realm. But it’s the gift you can only get from yourself.

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – Out of Your Comfort Zone


Neptune, somewhere in Italy. Rome? Florence? Probably.


Today’s full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces brings the Moon, Neptune, and Chiron together to dissolve the last vestiges of some old wound or self-image you’ve been carrying around for, like, lifetimes.

You know what it is – some belief you have about yourself that isn’t reflective of who you truly are on the inside. It’s an image, an avatar, or some brand that others (in this life or another) have painted on you, over you, obscuring your authentic self.

Perhaps that version of you served their purposes best, or perhaps it served a larger community or tribe to have you branded in such a way. That brand (yes, think too of the way slaves have been branded, or cattle) kept you tied to that group or identity no matter how far you went to outrun it and start over.

Neptune, King of the sea, has been working on you for several years. He’s been surfing the waves and diving to the depths during his homecoming in Pisces, rearranging treasures and building new undersea temples. In new configurations, your old self has no place. Salt water washes away even the most stubborn tattoos, especially the old karmic kind.

Full moons rule endings and eclipses herald major turning points in your life. Endings, beginnings, big shifts in internal direction and outward paths. New people, ideas, projects, or maybe just a lighter step, a lighter heart.

Are you ready to let go of that old brand that you’ve been living with?

Let Neptune wash that image away, dissolving it in the rocky undertow, churning it down to fine grains of sand.

As you step out of the sea, some part of you raw from the threshing, drop to the sand and worship the solid ground underneath you. The Sun is here, drying you off. Showing you the landscape. Giving you tools to work with, even if they’re new and unwieldy for you.

You’ve made it through the eclipse portal.

This isn’t the same terrain you’ve walked before.

You’re way out of your comfort zone. Let the discomfort carry you forward, and onward, deeper into your true self. It’s ok to stumble and wander. Without the tether of that old brand, you’re free to explore.

Adjusting my glasses,



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September 2016 – Steering the Chariot


Chaos continues to intensify, fed by the fears, emotions, and thoughts of individuals. The more energy it’s given, the stronger it gets. There are many different kinds and types of chaos vying for your attention right now. From the big things like politics, world affairs, and acts of violence – to the smaller things like family dramas and gossip.

Giving your energy to chaos doesn’t make it stop or change direction. Instead, it starts to pull you into its vortex. Its vortex expands, because it has you in it, creating a larger, faster comet of chaos.

What does it do for you? It pulls you off center, out of any momentum that you may have gained in your own endeavors.

Sustaining your own momentum is critical right now. September is a turning point with the Solar and Lunar eclipses – how you focus your wizard’s wand and how you steer your chariot this month effects the next six months of your life.

Be conscious of your aim – the vision you’re trying to create, and the chaos you’re trying to avoid.

Notice when, where, and how chaos gets its hooks in you. TV? News? In line at the grocery store? Around the water cooler in the office? Chatting with a neighbor or family member?

When you notice it starting to pull you off road, turn your gaze back to your own horizon and take control of the reins. Point your wand, and your horses, in the direction of your goals and vision.

Steer your chariot away from chaos and diversion.

Point the wheels towards your own creation. What you’re bringing to the world matters. Where you put your energy matters. Aim consciously.

Astrological influences for this message: Moon, Saturn, Mars.

Tarot influences for this message: The Chariot, The Sun, The Devil, The World.





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